Pac-Mac KB-20 Series Grapple Loader
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Pac-Mac KB-20 Series



•Height of boom to ground in lowest travel position (based on 37 in. chassis height) 11 ft. 

•Boom length (16 ft. with 4 ft. extension) 20 ft. Optional boom lengths (fixed) 16 / 17 / 18 ft.

•Boom rotation 270° non-continuous

•Lifting capacity at 20 ft. (with bucket) 3,300 lbs. (standard)  3,600 lbs.

•Optional H Style outriggers   Outrigger (extended)  11 ft. 8 in.  Outrigger (retracted)  8 ft.

•Hydraulics Tandem pump for simultaneous operation of multiple functions Operator controls

•Standup  Individual levers or pilot operated hydraulic joysticks Rotating platform  Mechanical joysticks or pilot operated hydraulic controls 


•360° continuous rotation

•Width 4 ft. Fully open 5 ft.

•High strength tempered steel replaceable cutting edges 

Recommended Chassis

•Cab to axle (CA) See Chassis Requirements Front axle 12,000 lbs.

•Minimum - single rear axle  14,000 lbs.

•Minimum - tandem rear axle Rear axle 21,000 lbs.
•Minimum - single rear axle  40,000 lbs.

•Minimum - tandem rear axle   GVW 33,000 lbs.

•Minimum - single rear axle  54,000 lbs.

•Minimum - tandem rear axle Engine 225 HP

•Minimum Transmission Automatic or manual Frame 1,500,000 RBM

Recommended Body & Options

•Length 18 / 19 / 20 ft.

•Capacity 20 / 24 / 25 / 30 cubic yds.

•Tilt to 45° for dumping

•Door style Single, double, or scow

•Floor 3/16 in. (1/4 in. optional)  8 in. main sill, 4 in. joist with 12 in. spacing

•Sides Side ribs 24 in. spacing

•Tarp Spring assist with arm, spring assist armless, electric with arm

•Lighting Incandescent and L.E.D.  Mid-body turn signals (where applicable)  Smart light (optional)  Customer specific light location

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