Pac-Mac KB-220 Series Grapple Loader
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Pac-Mac KB-220 Series

Body Type:
Grapple Loader


•Height of boom to ground in lowest travel position (based on 42 in. chassis height) 12 ft. 6 in. stand up  13 ft. 1 in. rotating platform

•Boom length  22 ft. fixed Optional boom lengths  25 ft. (22 ft. with 3 ft. extended)

•Boom rotation 270° non-continuous (stand up)  360° continuous (rotating platform)

•Lifting capacity at 22 ft. (with bucket) 3,000 lbs.

•A Style outriggers

•Hydraulics Tandem pump for simultaneous operation of multiple functions

•Standup Pilot operated hydraulic joysticks

•Rotating platform Mechanical joysticks or pilot operated hydraulic joysticks 


•360° continuous rotation

•Width 4 ft.  (optional 32") Fully open 5 ft. High strength tempered steel replaceable cutting edges 

Recommended Chassis

•Cab to axle (CA) See Chassis Requirements

•Front axle 16,000 lbs. (minimum)

•Rear axle 30,000 lbs. (minimum) - single rear axle  40,000 lbs. (minimum) - tandem rear axle

•GVW 46,000 lbs. (minimum) - single rear axle  56,000 lbs. (minimum) - tandem rear axle

•Engine 250 HP (minimum)

•Transmission Automatic or manual Frame 1,800,000 RBM


Length 20 or 24 ft.

•Capacity 30/ 40 / 56 cubic yds.

•Tilt to 45° for dumping

•Door style Single, double, or scow

•Floor 3/16 in. (1/4 in. optional)  4 in. joist with 12 in. spacing

•Sides Side ribs 24 in. spacing

•Tarp Spring assist with arm, spring assist armless, electric with arm

•Lighting Incandescent and L.E.D.  Mid-body turn signals (where applicable)  Smart light (optional)  Customer specific light location

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