New Rudco 30K LB Roll Off Hoist
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Rudco Roll Off

Body Type:
Roll Off

Tilt Frame

•Mainframe 8" x3x3/8" x 18', ASTMA 500 Grade
•Front Stops 1-1/4" A36 material
•Eight outside rollers, 4" O.D. C-1026 material with bronze bushings
•Outside roller shafts 2" C-1018 material, removable
•Outside roller braket 1/2"x3" for 3 point support
•Rear roller 6-1/2" pipe; 2" shaft w/grease fittings
•Gravity container locks

Reeving And Lifting Cylinders

•Reeving cylinder: 5"x65" tested 3000 PSI, 3" rod single stage cylinders
•Lifting cylinders: 5"x55" tested 3000 PSI 3" rod single stage cylinders
•5/16" plate cylinder rod covers
•C-1018 sheave pins, 1-1/2" diameter, greaseable and removable
•3/4"x6x37 IWRC, EIPS, with 1" H: allow swayed button, cable length 65'
•Breaking strength cable hook cast at 100,000 lbs pull test

Hydraulic System

•2-1/2" gear type pump
•2 spool valve
•30 gallon hydraulic oil tank, controls mounted site gauge
•2" tank/pump shutoff ball valve
•2" suction line, 1-1/4" return line - wire reinforced
•Filter w/reliefs return (50 GPM w/200PSI) replaceable cartridge and pressure gauge

Hoist Mounting

•3/8" lower hoist mounting plates secured by 3/4" grade 8 bolts
•Sub-Frame 3"x3"x1/4" tubing (one piece)
•6"x6"x3/4" angle rear hinge
•Rear hinge plate 1-1/2" plate 4-1/2"x4-1/2"
•Rear hinge pin 2" CRS 1045, greaseable, removable
•Upper mount body guides fabricated with 1-1/2" pin
•Short can guide 3/8"x3"x4" angle
•Safety stands both sides
•Ratcheting near hold-downs

Fenders And Lights

•Heavy duty bumper with ani-spray mud flaps, meets DOT requirements
•Integral rear sealed lights

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