Solutions to Deliver Dumpsters To Your Door

When you need commercial grade waste industry dumpsters or bodies, Apex Equipment is, most assuredly, your one-stop-shop, and the only solution that makes real sense for businesses looking to grow and expand their operations, or simply replace worn equipment. Our continued growth in the waste equipment industry allows Apex to maintain a higher level of supply to meet your demand, and serves as a springboard for the continued growth of your business and its assets.

The Apex Container Cooperative

Apex Equipment has formed a coalition with container manufactures all around the United States, in an effort to serve you quicker and more efficiently. These partnerships allow Apex Equipment to offer you a larger variety of containers and bodies at more affordable pricing throughout the county, by keeping shipping costs at a minimum. This means, whether you need 2 containers or 200 containers, Apex is the only company that can deliver affordability right to your front door.

Your Company! Your Containers! Your Colors!

At Apex Equipment, we understand the need for your business to maintain brand awareness and community recognition of your equipment. When you purchase new dumpsters from Apex Equipment, you can choose the colors that are appropriate for your company identity; making sure the integration of your new containers into your fleet is a seamless one. This means, when your cans arrive, you slap on your decals and put them right into the flow, ensuring the clean and highly recognizable color of your brand will be noticed by all of your customers, and assuring them you are ready to work.

Built To Your Specifications

At Apex Equipment, we understand that many companies have specialized needs, and standard containers may not always fit the bill. Whether you need standard duty, heavy duty, bathtub, square bottom, and open-top, enclosed or sealed door containers, Apex Equipment has the resources to fill the order, and get you the equipment you need.

Financing Solutions To Get Your Dumpsters Delivered

Keep your capital working for you! Apex offers a variety of dumpster financing solutions, to enable you to grow or replenish your business assets without a hitch. We know that cash flow is an important part of a successful business venture, and work closely with some of America’s most experienced lenders, in order to give you the greatest opportunity for that success.

Apex Equipment Rolloff Dumpster & Container Specifications

Bathtub StandardRectangle Standard
Understructure3”″channel 3.5 # per foot on 18″ center3” channel 3.5 # per foot on 18″ center
Cross members Gussets2 gussets per cross member2 gussets per cross member
Main Rails/Floor Sills2” x 6″tubing 3/16” wall with solid bull nose2” x 6” tubing 3/16” wall with solid bull nose
Pull Hook2” x 6″ tubing 3/16” wall with solid bull nose2” x 6” tubing 3-16” wall with solid bull nose
Floor3/16” steel plate3/16” steel plate
Rear Rollers/Wheels8″ dia. x 6”long with grease fitting8″ dia. x 6″ long with grease fitting
Nose / Guide Rollers4″ dia. x 4″ long with recessed grease fitting4″ dia. x 4″ long with recessed grease fitting
Sides and Front Walls10 ga12 ga (Rectangles)
Top Rails4″ x 3″ tubing 3/16″ wall4″ x 3″ tubing 3/16″ wall
Side Braces / Wall PostOptional 10 ga12 ga side post on 36″ centers
Hinges2 heavy-duty hinges with grease fitting2 heavy-duty hinges with grease fitting
Door Sheet10 ga12 ga (Rectangles)
Rear Door2-point latch and safety chain2-point latch and safety chain
Canvas Tie DownEach side – front and doorEach side – front and door
PaintPrimer inside and outside 2.0 milsIndustrial enamel finish to 2.0